A year? Special counselor hasn’t investigated for 2–3 months
Christopher M. Bass

The FBI has had a team of career investigators on this for well over a year, all the special counsel did was take over the control of the investigation,. those FBI and other assets now report to him, he does not do any actual investigation himself silly, lol.

They have the FBI gather the information and then they go over it, sure they may repeat interviews and direct some of the investigators to go look at new things but most of the legwork is done by career FBI investigators, not the special counsel and those FBI investigators have been on the case for well over a year now.

Considering all the leaks coming out of the FBI and the special counsels office it seems to me that if they had found anything of value it would have been leaked to the press by now, I think there will be a lot of crying people on the radical left, sure they will drag this out and make emotional use of the drama, but the bigger you guys inflate this balloon, the bigger mess it will make when it pops.

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