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But the federal government’s power over non-economic matters, including violent crime, is far more limited.

The federal Government has stepped in to deal with corrupt and ineffective police forces many times and directly got involved when the civil rights of citizens were being broken by local government.

If the out of control murder and rape and robbery of citizens that the local police and management refuse to “effectively” address is not a violation of their civil rights, what is?

The police and public officials are just standing there and letting Black people die and be victims of violent crime, it is time someone stepped in and cared enough to put this to an end, or at least try when it is pretty clear nobody in Chicago will.

I don’t get Liberals, you claim to care about minorities but stand by and just watch as hundreds of them die on the streets and you do not even try to stop it.

If nothing else call in the National guard and impose a curfew and pause the violence for a few months and see where you can go from there but doing nothing is simply horrible.

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