When did breathable air and clean water become a left wing loony political agenda issue?
Donna Washington

When did breathable air and clean water become a left wing loony political agenda issue?

The idea American can make up for the rest of the world is far left loony. As I explained in my comment, we see China releasing twice as much Co2 as America and Southeast Asia is building over 400 new coal fired power plants, how can America make up for what everyone else is doing?

Unless I’m mistaken, conservatives also need clean air, water, and food that isn’t poisonous.

And did I ever say we didn’t? We already have clean air and water, especially when you compare America to the rest of the world. do we see Americans falling over dead from poisoned food very often? Can you link to a recent death caused by the Federal Government not keeping food safe?

Why do so many conservatives believe that a clean environment is some kind of left wing conspiracy?
Then again, I might be mistaken.

What gave you that idea? Americans can be “good stewards” of our planet without hurting Americans at the same time.

Let me offer you an example. When Obama first took office and he had his super majority in Congress he was quickly pushing his cap-and-tax bill and it was expected to win easily. But then several reports were released exposing the fact that the Bill could force a 400% increase in cost of heating fuels especially in the North. This means poor people would die because of Obama’s cap-and-tax Bill.

If we force massive changes, it is always the poor who get crushed. Can poor people afford to go buy a new electric car or get solar panels installed on their apartment?

If you are a poor single mother of two working two jobs trying to keep food on the table for your children do you really thing she gives a damn about global warming?

I know you will dodge most of that but I would really like you to address that last question I asked you.

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