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The left that is in control of most of the media have been getting away with “name calling” as a tactic to silence the Right for over 20 years now. All they had to do was scream “Racist” and the Right backed down.

Then along comes Trump, they lied on him and claimed he called all Mexicans rapists and not only did Trump not back down, he doubled down on his support for building the wall. This was so unheard of they instantly started playing the “Hitler” card, and still Trump refused to go away.

Name calling is the only tool of the left, and Trump does not care, so they are losing their minds. So being as Trump ignored their name calling, the media and Democrats decided to go after the voters, even Hillary Clinton got into the game calling Americans who were supporting Trump “Deplorable” and lacking any redeeming quality in America. The media caid anyone who voted for Trump was a racist, but they voted for Trump anyway.

At this point the media have lost their minds, they are in open distress. They have lost control of the messaging, and they are not taking this fact very well.