let me see if i can wrap some understanding around this…
Dereka Heath

  1. The media and many people have been attacking this man on a personal level calling him a racist for not arresting the shooter instantly, of course it is personal, if you accuse people of something they are not guilty of, especially a deeply hurtful accusation such as that, it will upset anyone. He made it very clear, people and the media are trying to transform this incident into something it is not.
  2. You are confused, you should read for comprehension to avoid this kind of uninformed confusion. The Black man chased the White man, the Black man got out of his vehicle and went after the White man, the White man out of fear of the Black man coming at his shot the Black man. The White man did not shoot the Black man because he was Black, he shot him because he was a huge man who could beat him to death and he felt he had to stop him before he hurt him.
  3. Under the context of the greatest dangers to Blacks, Black-on-Black crime is easily the most powerful and yet the media and the Black activists and the Black communities themselves never talk about it. Why make something like this a big deal when there is 100 times more damaging things going on they never want to talk about?

Again, the shooting was not about race, it was about a scared man shooting a bigger and stronger man he thought was going to hurt him. When McKnight chased Gasser on the roads he proved himself to be the aggressor, but when McKnight got out of his vehicle to approach Gasser the implied threat of physical harm and nowhere to go to get away from McKnight he felt he had no choice but to either take the beating of his life and possibly die, or to defend himself with the only thing he had that could overcome McKnight’s greater physical power, his firearm.

Now it is certainly appropriate to consider if shooting a much larger and stronger man who is clearly about to hurt you is justified or not, but it is not appropriate to try and insert race into the incident when it is pretty clear race had no involvement at all.

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