Single Payer 101, Not Tomorrow or Next Year, Right Now!
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The United States spends more money per capita on healthcare than any other developed nation. However, study after study has shown that Healthcare in America lags behind most of these same developed nations. So, what makes America different?

The primary reason is the spread out population. We already provide free healthcare for the poor, and it is working out pretty well.

To explain delivery of services consider if you were wanting to deliver water bottles to a population. If that population is close by then the cost of delivery is relatively small, but delivering that same water bottle to someone 2,000 miles away causes a great deal of increased cost.

Now delivering healthcare to a spread out population is a million times more complicated and expensive than delivering water bottles but the idea is similar, you have to get all services to all people and the fact that America is many times more spread out as any of those other Nations it is simply logical that we also spend way more.

And as far as outcomes are concerned, we have other issues that hurt our results that other Nations do not, for example, tens of millions of illegal aliens who grow up as a product of those other Nations systems who come here to die or have serious illness treatments that end up on our totals. We add to that the 1 million legal immigrants we take every year who also are the products of their home Nations health systems, not America, they only ended up here but their illnesses and deaths end up on our totals. Finally, America sees a lot of medical immigration, people who come here specifically to receive medical care not available at their home Nations, or maybe not available in a timely manor so any of their complications also end up on our numbers, not their home nations.

If we extract out those numbers alone America would actually be at the top of medical care results.

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