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The radical left is always looking for any excuse to toss bombs at Trump due to how much they hate him but I find it interesting that this writer is trying to do so with the Bible when the Bible also tells us not to hate, but the writer is clearly operating out of hate himself.

We all fall short of perfection, it is the very idea of us all being a sinner. We hate the sin, not the sinner, when writers like this try to work so desperately to pile on hate for Trump they prove they are acting from their own animosity.

Yes, many Presidents have quoted scripture, but then they later attacked religion and did everything in their power to hurt those wanting to live a life of religious freedoms. One thing Trump has made very clear is that while he may not be the most religious himself, he is going to do what he can to return religious freedoms to those who wish to have those freedoms. Religious groups support Trump because they believe his promises to protect their rights, it is as simple as that.

One glaring new trend with Democrats is to desire the destruction of anyone who dares to put their religion over anything else, it really pissed Democrats off and they simply will not allow it. Democrats have even passed laws that if a religious person does not want to be directly involved in a gay wedding, they should be completely and totally destroyed, their money taken, their homes taken away, their businesses forced to shut down, and their children forced into severe poverty, all just because they do not want to be part of a gay wedding.

Yes, maybe it would be “nicer” to just do anything for money, but to decide that some things are more important than money, especially when serving deeply held moral values, those decisions should be viewed with respect and understanding, not used as an excuse to destroy people just because they do not bow down to Liberal political beliefs.

So you want the support of Religious people, stop attacking religious people.

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