Our Consumption Model Is Broken. Here’s How To Build A New One.
Ali El Idrissi

The real problem nobody wants to address is out of control population growth, southeast Asia is building hundreds of brand new coal fired power plants because they have reported an 80% increase in needed energy production at the cheapest possible cost due to population growth.

We are increasing populations faster than we can conserve.

Forcing everyone to switch to a vegan diet is not going to happen and is actually pointless if we refuse to address the population increases. But who wants to be the one to say we need to impose population growth prevention? Because it is a “hands off” political topic, we will never be capable of getting ahead of things like Co2 and deforestation issues.

So they say “necessity is the mother of invention” ~ Plato, so we can only hope science will kick in and offer us solutions we do not currently have only when we need them the most. Outside of that, I see no other solutions.

As far as consumerism and packaging etc, do you really believe you can make people not want things? Clothing and new cars etc? That would require what exactly? Massive Government brainwashing programs to “re-educate” people to have a completely new mindset? Do you really trust the Government with that kind of power?

Once the brainwashing programs were in place, who knows what they would do with them?

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