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The so called commission is still made up of human beings, human beings who are no more or less subject to their own biases as anyone else. It is human beings who cause problems, not any specific body those human beings are attached to.

The CBO is supposed to be non-partisan but we see time and time again they bend over backwards to be friendly to the far left.

The simple truth is we actually have done very well in selections until Democrats decided to go off the deep end. Republicans fully supported both of Obama’s picks to the Supreme court and both were extremely hard Democrat loyalists. As much as the Left attempts to paint Republicans as obstructing, they really were not. They were strict and openly battled for the things they believed in but they also came together with Democrats when it was very important.

Democrats on the other hand have decided that no matter what the harm, they will refuse to work with Trump in any way. That makes them the party of no they they claimed Republicans were.

Gorsuch is a highly respected Judge who had received top scores for independence and Constitutional integrity. There is not a single case that shows he is an activist Judge who sees his job as one where political loyalties come first. There was no legitimate reason to block him, none. So the only reason Democrats blocked him was their pissed off. Democrats are operating on emotions, not facts.

As usual.

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