Hello again.
Kara Allen

Hello again. Are you from Columbia? Did you attend Mizzou? Do you know that I was, in no way, involved in the 2015 protests? That I have never demanded a safe space? Do not generalize an entire staff and campus because you turned on the news a few times during those months. We are known for “radical racial unrest” because we had an administration that failed to do their jobs during the time. There are many colleges with racial unrest in America, believe it or not.

The two main incidents in question at the time there was nothing the Administration could have done to prevent them and one I believe was not even done by a school student so blaming the Administration was simply a lie.

Being as you are repeating that lie you prove you are deserving of the description applied. You had a chance to prove you were an exception, but clearly you have decided to stay in school there and you have gone out of your way to make an account here just to play defender for a Professor who was 100% involved in all that mess and was part of the cause.

Do not generalize an entire staff and campus

Also, did not the Professor you are here blindly defending not generalize and attack all the staff of the college?

In no way have I claimed that this study is perfect.

We pointed out several serious flaws in the study, your professor went into a rage and started calling us racists and such for pointing out those flaws, and here you are defending her and the flawed study.

It was not your fault the study was flawed, you are just a kid who did what the professor told you to do, the study was contaminated and designed to be flawed from the start was is all her research because she has an agenda and is using gullible people like you as tools.

Note: I made a “new account” because I don’t partake in trolling sessions, therefore I had never used this platform. But I’ll defend my own work, especially in the face of harassment that you claim is being put on you. That’s actually hilarious.

And yet you dodged my question about what you think of your precious Professor attacking us and playing the race card, lol.

Look kid, you are just a blind follower with no capacity of thought of your own, if you were capable of independent thought you would not have dodged the question about the horrible behaviors of the professor you came here to blindly defend, lol.

Move along kid, you are out of your league, just like she was and you see she ran away tossing racial attacks on the way out too so feel free to call me a racist just like she did on the way out the door.

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