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At that point, the two continued exchanging words, before McKnight got out of his car, walked over to the driver’s side of Gasser’s car, and was shot three times.

Then a reporter asks:

A reporter later asked Normand was asked whether he could sympathize with African Americans who were scared about being murdered in cold blood in broad daylight like McKnight was

That right there is the problem, the media pushing a false narrative that McKnight was killed in cold blood, that is of course assuming the reporter understood what being shot in cold blood actually means, so there you have a clear and open lie designed for one purpose, to make society unstable, to cause rioting and discontent, to ferment irrational anger in a section of the population for the specific purpose to cause violence.

There can be no other reason for the dishonest reporter to intentionally push that lie.

Clearly the shooting was not in cold blood because both parties were involved in an active and ongoing dispute then it was McKnight who got out of his car in a fit of rage and went after Gasser physically, it was McKnight who turned the event into a physical one.

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