“ Well your stands do seem pretty harsh to men just because they are men.
Kendra Parris

Oh good fucking grief. I explicitly stated that the due process procedures of college investigations should be beefed up.

Then went on a long tirade justifying the lower standards, you can’t have it both ways, most of your energy is spent on justifying treating men differently because they are men.

You almost tacitly condone the latter, although I am going to apply a principle of charity and assume that’s not what you meant.

That is a lie, clearly you love to paint yourself a victim, I simply stated the truth that you do espouse a massive double standard for men just because they are men, and how people should take issue with such a drastic stand.

Additionally, I made no statements with respect to the treatment of men in particular anyway.

You made excuses for applying a different standard of “conviction” that is only applied to men.

Now you’re veering into asshole territory. First, and I don’t know how to make this more clear to you because you’re replying to me now, I DID NOT LIMIT WHO CAN REPLY. YOU ARE REPLYING TO ME. How is this so difficult for you to understand.

Name calling? You need to grow up, all you do is play the victim constantly as if you are the only person in the world being given a hard time for your beliefs. Why change the settings if you are not trying to limit something? Clearly you said you do it to try and block certain kinds of replies and now you claim you did not try to block anything?

You overtly changed a setting, that is on you, the fact you feel the need to name call proves you are the one with the problem.

Again, there is a distinct difference between jerk comments in a message board and being directly harassed, targeted, doxxed, stalked etc. You clearly have never experienced the latter personally, which is why you claim that I am “playing the victim.” What a twat you are.

Clearly I have, and you simply can’t accept the fact others face name calling a lot more than you ever will. I have been called names several times a day, you called me an asshole, you don;t see me hitting the report user tab do you?

Why? Because as a Conservative posting on a raf left radical left echo chamber I expect to be name called because that is the mindset of those who wallow on places like this.

What a twat you are.

More childish name calling, I find it interesting that you claim you want to avoid people behaving poorly to you and then you spend so much energy name calling me? You most definitely have never been a victim, you are the abuser. You are trying to paint others with how you behave.

And oh the irony of you telling me not to “play the victim” directly below you playing the victim because people said mean things to you online. You don’t even recognize in yourself your deep sense of perpetual victimhood, do you.

Wow, trying to lie about my point does not change it. My point was I am abused a lot more than you and you do not see me crying about it the way you do constantly, and as it turns out you are the one doing all the name calling and being abusive, calling me an asshole and a twit is against the rules of this site, I could easily report you but I am not because I accept your treatment as normal for people who frequent this sort of site so what logic does it make for me to cry about you behaving exactly the way I expect people like you to behave?

I never said men’s due process should be erased.

You condoned it and made excuses for it. You could have just as easily have said that you agree it is wrong to treat men this way. Short and simple, but you did not do that. Instead you went on a thousand word rant about why it is justifiable to treat men differently than women just because they are men.

In your haste to assume that I am “anti-man,” you clearly missed 1.) that I never said what you’re claiming I said and 2. agreed with you on the need for due process in university investigations.

That is simply not true, you expended most of your time and words justifying the current policies. As I just pointed out, you could just say that you believe men are treated unfairly but you did not do that.

  • ***********************

Now, back to my point you have dodged several times in a row now:

Rape is a serious crime and college Administrators should not be involved in it at all. By pushing rape investigations down to uneducated and unqualified paper pushers they are not taking the topic or rape seriously, they are just trying to “look” like they are doing “something” about rape on campus.

While you claim some improvements have been made, there is not a single campus that has a trained and qualified investigator in charge of these cases, not 1. It is all appearances and the men being “convicted” are 100% for appearances and politics, not because of right/wrong.

So either men are treated fairly or they are not, you can’t have it both ways. If a man is accused of rape it “should” be only within the confines of the criminal justice system. Unqualified Administrators always muddy the water, prejudice the witnesses, conceal and suppress evidence, and deny the accused of any real capacity to defend themselves.

These are cases that permanently destroy lives. The man may not go to prison but their lives are effectively destroyed, they can never find a decent job, they may not be able to complete their education, they could be forced into a lifetime of poverty along with their children and you think that is okay because they are men and men deserve less protections than women?

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