Where did I say I thought you or conservatives wanted “no government”?
Eric Hartman

Where did I say I thought you or conservatives wanted “no government”? I didn’t, so you are the liar.

Then what was the purpose of saying you thought Conservatives wanted smaller Government?

You were clearly attempting to misrepresent what Conservatives stand for and I called you out on it, and now you are acting all hurt and offended?

Funny as hell, lol.

Yes, you want to give citizens power and your power away. You imply that it is OK for a congressman to use his influence (read POWER) to seriously affect a constituent’s employment because she does not agree with his politics or agenda. That is coercion! That is giving POWER to a representative in the government. Got a clue now?

You are misrepresenting what caused her to depart the company, all he did was inform them as to the behaviors of one of their vice-presidents they were unaware of, how is that an abuse of power?

Just exposing the truth is a crime and abuse of power? She quit, clearly there is more to this story than your hate based assumptions.

Anyway, nothing he did was part of his office so your childish attempt to claim any76one is supporting an abuse of power fails.

So you think Think Progress is far left? Your opinion. I disagree. What is Breitbart then? Is it acceptable?

And the fact you deny it proves you are far left, lol, you guys make this too easy. And yes, there are sites that are radical Right,. I never claimed there weren’t, the difference is I do not have an account at a single Conservative or radical Right site, I see no intellectual point in wallowing in an echo chamber, but clearly you do, lol.

If you need this sort of crutch to reinforce your beliefs then that alone should let you know you are wrong.

Your attempting to equate Don Sterling with Saily Avelenda is totally laughable and not worthy of comment.

My valid point was how the radical left all supported a person be fired for something that they did in their private time in the privacy of their own home. There are many other examples but that one is the easiest to post about.

You see no issue at all with getting people fired for their political beliefs if they do not match yours, but when they do match yours then you start crying?

And again, she quit, she was not fired, clearly there is more to this than your assuming.

To what “true behaviors in connection with those radical left groups and super PAC” are you referring? What exactly did she do that was illegal or unethical?

In general like obstructing the entrance to Government buildings and disrupting confirmation hearings and burning down businesses etc. Some of these groups have some radical associations that would be a concern for any reputable company.

Or is all that a figment of your imagination?

I deal in facts, I will leave the unfounded speculation to you on the radical left, you do it so much better than anyone else, lol.

Do citizens not have the right to form political groups? Do not citizens have the right to support whoever they wish politically? Does an employer have the right to tell their executives or employees who to support or oppose in politics? Is this not the United States of America?

Of course we all have the right to associate with whoever we desire, but you do not have the right to drag down others and hurt the good name of your employer in the process, if you make the “choice” to be involved with questionable groups, then you must deal with the consequences.

You have to take the good with the bad of your choices, she made hers.

So in your world, all the right wing Super PACS run by big money are all OK, but a PAC run by ordinary citizens are not?

Another lie by you, I never even implied that, so the question is, why do you feel the need to insert that intentional lie as a crutch? Clearly you know you are wrong and you need to try and supply as much filler as possible to avoid admitting you are wrong, typical far left tactic.

If you would be honest instead of this childish garbage you would see where I said both sides have them and most seem legitimate but “some” seem shady, I never claimed any “side” was better than the other. They both have their good ones and their bad ones.

Look, you still do not seem to understand what it means to be Conservative, I am not “loyal” to any party, I am only loyal to my beliefs and those who will serve them better, it is a numbers game for me, I do not allow emotion to play any part to my decision making.

It seems you would be more comfortable in a situation where a person in the government could come to you and coerce you and threaten you to act how they think is appropriate, support who they think is appropriate, vote how they think is appropriate, and by no means join a group who supports a different political party or candidate. Perhaps you would be much happier in Cuba. Not too far but not to close. Good Bye.

Again, more lies, I never said any of that and never implied it, you are attempting to insert garbage as a smoke screen.

By the way, I thought you on the radical left loved Cuba and it socialist medical care and such? now Ciba is bad? I really have a difficult time keeping up with what dictatorships you admire and the ones you don’t, it seems to change constantly.

And in closing, his action to inform an employer of who one of their Vice-Presidents really were was not a abuse of Government power. He did not use any Government power in the process of his information giving. His ability to show who she really was and was hiding from her employer was a power any citizen could have done.

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