It’s preferable to always justifying illegal and vicious actions when done by your tribe, as you…
Gus DiZerega

There has been nothing illegal yet, when there is I will be the first to start screaming at Trump for it.

Here is your problem, you hate so much you are trying to make every tiny thing seem illegal, when you do this you are actually hurting your cause because all the public sees is you being unreasonable and hysterical over nothing, and if some day you really do find an actual illegal action, when you complain about that the public will just think it is another of your fake complaints and not pay attention.

It is the little boy who cried wolf effect Gus.

Here, read this:

However, consistent with the principal definition, an almost endless number of legal authorities show that when “emoluments” is used in connection with the description of an officer or employee, it refers to compensation for services performed. In Hoyt v. United States, for example, the Supreme Court specifically defined emoluments as “embracing every species of compensation or pecuniary profit derived from a discharge of the duties of the office.” In Mclean v. United States, the Supreme Court again emphasized the connection between emoluments and offices, saying that “emoluments are but expressions of value used to give complete recompense to a deserving officer.” And in Hill v. United States the Supreme Court affirmed its office-related definition of emoluments, concluding that “a sum collected by a clerk for a service not pertaining to his office . . . was not a fee or emolument.” Given that the Foreign Emoluments Clause also speaks of emoluments in connection with officers, one can sensibly apply these Supreme Court interpretations to the clause.