The uninsured rate was at 11% in April of 2016, down from 18% (and rising rapidly) when the ACA…

There have been thousands of reports on this issue, I am actually a little shocked that you have never heard about it before? Or are you just pretending to be clueless?

Now, I responded to your point, how about you address mine?

The original point I made that you replied to was how the many promises Obama and the Democrats did not turn out to be true. Many Americans did get forced to change doctors and insurance policies, insurance premiums did not go down for families as much as $2.500.

I would like to add that just having a new insurance card in hand does not equal health care. Many people are having a difficult time finding doctors who will accept their new policies.

So can you admit the early promises did not come true?

And let’s also remember my reason for mentioning this is due to this story about people wanting to get specifics this early before Bills are even written when we all know many things can and do change over this time from theory to end result.

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