What evidence exists to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Seth was NOT murdered for leaking?
Barbara Alexander

There is no evidence at all that Trump was involved in colluding with Russia during the election and even Comey came out and admitted Trump was never under investigation but that fact has not stopped these same outlets from constantly saying trump was colluding with Russia.

So if allegations without any proof is their standard, what is wrong with a little speculation in connection with an extremely suspicious death of a DNC insider?

Nothing in his shooting makes any sense. They claim it was a robbery gone bad but the attacker shot first and never stole anything? Really? You use the gun for control, you point it at the target to get their compliance so you can take their valuables, fobbers do not just shoot their intended target and run away without trying to rob them.

I do not know what really happened, but this was not a simple robbery gone wrong.

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