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These constant streams of protests are great. I can think of no better way for the radical left to isolate themselves from normal Americans than for them to keep these never ending protests going forever.

They prove themselves to be irrational and spoiled brats who can’t get past the second stage of grief, anger.

Anger and hate rule the radical left, I have always believe this truth was smoldering beneath the surface of Liberals/Democrats based on how much they love to name call but to actually see the monster expose it’s true colors this way is eye opening to say the least.

Sorry Liberals, this is going to cost you any support you may have been trying to get. Normal Americans do not believe in the never ending protest behaviors. If you protested 1 or two times you maybe get some positive attention, hundreds of protests running from weeks to week, month to month, year to year, just gets old and all people will see is the never ending protests as a sign of how out of control the left has become.

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