Have you ever talked to anyone who’s done this?
Arthur Vincie

They are illegal aliens, you do not seem to understand that they have “stolen” a new life.

While it is horrible that many Countries do not operate very well and they do not care for their citizens very well, how is that America’s responsibility to step in and fix all of their lives?

Consider this, let’s say I live in a bad areas in Chicago with a lot of gangs and shootings in the streets etc. So I decide I need to move my family to a better place, I go out and rob a bank, use the money to buy a new home in a nice area in Florida, get a new car, send my children to a wonderful new school, all is perfect now.

Then a couple years later the police finally catch up to me, I get arrested and my question to you is simple.

Should my family be allowed to keep all the benefits of the crime I conducted to give them a new and better life? The new home, new car, living in the better neighborhood and going to the better schools? Should my family get to keep their new life or should the police take it all away and sen d them back to Chicago or wherever they end up?

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