Experiencing A Missile Scare

But trembling out “I love yous” to loved ones over text, understanding that you may cease to exist within the hour, is a powerful mind-changer.

This is a failure of leadership for all Nations who has allowed North Korea to become the bully and keep all of the World in fear of what the irrational and crazy North Korea will do next.

Yes, it is time to take action, I have been reading a lot of discussions on this topic and I believe the best solution is to push China to take action. China has long and close ties to the North Korean people and if anyone has any chance of pushing hard to make North Korea change it is them.

One interesting idea came from a group who recommended we push Japan to start building an offensive military again instead of just defensive. This would upset China who are desperate to keep their power over the region as absolute and would see an offensive military capable Japan as a serious threat and may decide to take direct action with North Korea to prevent Japan from building that offensive military.

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