Republicans Need to Understand: People are Mad. And They’re Mad at Them.
Jeff Allen

This is a great example of why the left has lost over 1,000 elections to include the Presidential election where Hillary Clinton spent twice as much money (provided by bankers, wall street, and corporations) as Trump and even 4 special elections where the Democrats vastly out spent the Republicans ( I thought the left was against big money in elections and buying elections?) but still the left is in denial.

The only tool of the left is name calling and we see here you are using the same tactic calling those on the Right as stupid and racists and “evil” just like all of you on the left feel compelled to do.

The mind of those on the left is actually pretty interesting, you can accept no other idea but that you are right and pure, and anyone who does not agree with you must be evil and you are so brainwashed with this mindset that you start making up sick little fantasies for those who do not agree with you so you can justify your hate of them. And let me give you credit, for 20+ years name calling has worked out well for you and was the number 1 reason you won most National elections. Hillary was beat by Obama because any time he was challenged on any reasonable point, he would just play the race card and get away with it.

But then came Trump. Every major news outlet early in the election cycle lied on Trump and claimed he called all Mexicans rapists, the NYT’s, CNN, all the major networks, all lied and they have been either directly or indirectly calling him a racist and comparing him to Hitler ever sense.

When Trump shrugged off the attacks of the media, the media and the left started attacking American voters who were supporting Trump, Hillary went so far as to call tens of millions of fellow Americans “Deplorable” and lacking any redeeming quality in America. That was the single most open example of name calling the left had ever endorsed and that failed too, people resisted and stood behind Trump.

The purpose behind the left name calling is to bully people into backing down, but like the little boy who cried wolf, eventually the tactic wears out it’s effectiveness and people start resisting.

So keep on name calling, it has been working out so well for you so far, lol.

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