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This is a very deceptive story, what the writer refuses to accurately reports none of them can be “hacked” remotely during an election. The hacking must be done on the machines before the election or in some cases after the election on the memory cards so a foreign actor like Russia could not effectively do much of anything.

If the memory cards are hacked, who does it? They use long time trusted employees to transport those cards so if there is any corruption in the system it is by local Americans, not outside actors.

If the individual voting machines are hacked, that means again, local officials provided access to the hackers, not an outside actor.

Hacking from a distance allows for a great deal of anonymity, hacking in person does not. Any voting irregularities get investigated and will be detected then someone has to explain who did the hacking? How many officials will risk almost endless time in prison (each machine is a separate charge) to intentionally turn over machines to hackers?

But, as an easy solution I have always said the Government should pay banks to provide a voting portal on their online banking services.

Banks are perfect because they already maintain extremely strong online protections from hackers, they already have SSN and identification information to verify the person voting is an actual American citizen, and they have strict laws and rules governing shutting down accounts for people who die.

And the best reason, they are in the public eye, they have a lot to lose if they attempted to manipulate the information. Add a couple new laws making the bank financially responsible for conducting new elections where they mess up the count intentionally or not and provide for severe criminal penalties for top management if they do meddle with the numbers will ensure they don’t mess around.

At the end of the day nothing will ever be 100%, we have to accept that fact, but if there is any corruption in the voting system it is by local actors, not Russia or any other boogeyman the left is trying to scare people with.

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