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Officials with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agency have maintained that any undocumented immigrants facing criminal convictions, regardless of the severity of the charge, should be deported.

This is exactly how it should be. We can’t go door-to-door looking for illegals but we can gather them up as they break the law and get arrested and we should force all law enforcement to cooperate with this goal. Every local law enforcement operation takes Federal funds and they usually demand Federal help for larger issues so if they can ask for help and money from the Federal level, that goes both ways, they need to help feds too.

“I want my community to know that politicians do not get to decide who is deserving of dignity and who is not,” Catalina Santiago, a DACA recipient arrested in Tuesday’s action, said in a statement.

Wel legislators do make the laws of this country just like legislators in their home country also make the laws. It is interesting to see Mexican Nationals complain about immigration laws in America when their own home Nation has extremely strict laws against illegal immigration. So they are proud to be Mexicans, and they support the right of Mexico to have their own laws to include immigration laws, but America can’t be allowed to have immigration laws?

“Texas is ground zero for discrimination against Latinos, immigrants and all people of color,” Cristina Tzintzún, Jolt Founder & Executive Director, said in a statement.

This is simply not true, not 1 person I have seen has ever said a single thing negative about immigrants. These laws govern illegal aliens, not immigrants. Illegal aliens are not immigrants in any way.

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