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This is garbage. The writer is once again trying to paint Trump and his followers are racists and fear mongers but at the end of the day Trump was nothing of the sort and the real problem in the election was the cold dead fish of a candidate the Democrats forced onto the ticket.

While I detest Van Jones an d his race baiting tactics I watched a couple shows he did with CNN where he sat down with voters who had supported Obama twice but then voted for Trump in the last election.

Van Jones was of course his usual insulting self, even being insulting at their own dinner table, under their roof, but these people ignored his insults and gave clear and thoughtful answers to his questions.

Put simply, they voted for Obama because of his promise of “change” in the first election, they voted for Obama in the second because while he did not fulfil his “change” promise he was still seen as a good man, but in the last election Hillary was the candidate of the status quo and it was Trump who promised “change”.

The one thing you failed to properly address in your historical review of politics is how the people build up frustrations when their Government refuses to listen to them. Trump is the personification of that frustration. You ignored the will of the people , even the will of those on the left who were sick and tired of corrupt Corporate Democrats, so Trump was the result. The people will keep getting louder and louder until someone listens.

But Trump did not win “Bigly” in reality. There was no surge of support from racists or anyone else. Trump got about the same number of votes as McCain and Romney, he did slightly better with minorities than both (this is making Liberals heads explode) but overall Trump did not make any real noted increased support from American voters as a whole, so why did he win?

Trump won because Democratic voters stayed home and a few voted for Trump. Obama even told Black voters he would take it as a personal insult if the Black communities did not show up in force to support Hillary, and guess what? The Black vote did not turn out. Trump did very well with Women (another thing making Liberal heads explode) but not really that much better than Romney.

So the real fault for this last election falls into the lap of Hillary Clinton, someone nobody liked. At the start of the election cycle likely voters were asked to use one word to describe Hillary Clinton and both Democrats and Republicans used words like liar and untrustworthy. This should have made it very clear to the powers that be in the Democratic party that Hillary was a very bad choice for the nomination when even her own party sees her as a liar but at the end of the day it was “Her Turn” and nothing else mattered.

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