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The first point to be made is that if you aren’t hair-on-fire alarmed about climate change and America’s suicidal GOP-driven climate and energy policies, then you are uninformed (or misinformed).

This is the problem, there are rational and reasonable concerns with the given theory, and when you demand people ignore those concerns and just go along with whatever you say you actually piss people off.

From the early days of these “scare tactics” to today we know one main thing, so far all the climate models and claims have a perfect 100% failure rate. Now I have seen a lot of energy put into rationalizing all those failures and even attempts to pretend all those failures never happened, but not 1 time have we seen the community come out and admit to all their mistakes, explain why they were wrong before and what they have done to fix their errors.

Nope, all you have done is repackage the same old warnings and claims and shift goalposts then release them again over and over and over.

Fear is an effective short term motivator, but it suffers from the ‘little boy who cried wolf’ effect. You can’t keep going to the well of fear on the same topic over and over again without actual results. People become numb to the tactic.

And now that we have seen new scientific information such as ice core studies that have proven the little ice age and the middle ages warming were both global events and not local as previously claimed to produce their temperature trending charts ……. well the theory does not seem as strong as it once did.

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