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This kind of “chicken little” fear mongering has become the hallmark of all far left reporting these days.

So 36,000 will die? Of what exactly? What specific ailment will cause their death that is completely eradicated by Obamacare?

A more accurate prediction may be that 36,000 people will die earlier or faster without Obamacare but does that really change anything? They will most likely die anyway so the story should actually be that Obamacare helps people get some extra time they would not get if it was repealed but the bill itself does not actually save any lives.

In fact, it is the failures of Obamacare that have so many people upset, just having an insurance card in your pocket does not mean you are getting healthcare, many of the lower tier policies have very few doctors in their networks so people end up in emergency rooms anyway, something Obamacare was supposed to reduce.

The “individual mandate” did not work, the reason every insurance company not running away from the Obamacare marketplace is severely increasing their rates. There are not enough young and healthy people buying insurance on the exchanges so they are slowly spiraling out of (cost) control.

And while we are on that point, how stupid was it to let those same young healthy adults be kept on their parents insurance plans? Obama basically cut the legs out from under about 25% of their potential “young healthy” people joining the exchanges.

Lastly, the “one size fits all” Government mandates have drastically increased rates and for people who do not need those mandates. for example, why would a retired couple need to add young children to their policy or free birth control or pregnancy coverage? People need to have the freedom to pick policies that fit their lifestyle and allows them to take advantage of lower costs on policies that only offer what they need instead of being forced to include a lot of overages for things they do not need?

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