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“They only did so after consulting with other intelligence agencies,” Murphy said. “It was strategic. This clearly, as far as we understand, was not strategic.”

This kind of lie by the radical left is why so many normal Americans are ignoring them. Maybe the strategy is not apparent to him being all he does all day is attack Trump for one reason or another but whatever strategy Trump wants to employ is up to him to decide, not some big mouthed Democrats with an axe to grind.

You want to make the policies? Then run for office and get elected, but until then these kinds of calls are under the discretion of the president, and he made it. You can cry about it all you want but from everything I have seen it was done pertaining to fighting ISIS, something Russia is the only other major player directly involved in outside of a few air strikes.

So maybe it was a bad idea? Maybe a good idea? We don;t know yet, but what we do know is it was Trump’s call to make.

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