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This Maat seems to erase the idea of emotions from the equation. Guilt is not a religious construct although it is most definitely used a great deal in religious circles sure.

When I would do something “bad” like be mean to my sister or tease another child for wearing glasses or something my parents were fast to let me know that belittling others and hurting others is morally wrong, not because God says so but because as a society of human beings our feelings are just as important as our physical needs.

Human beings are not animals, we have a capacity for higher brain functions, and one of those higher brain functions is guilt or shame unless you unless you lack empathy for others. This brings a person to the definition of a psychopath and a sociopath. the psychopath does not have a conscience while the sociopath may have one but it is very weak.

Both a psychopath and a sociopath can learn to mimic social behaviors and can use some of the tools you seem to describe in your Maat process where you assign a mathematical value to balancing scales o-f behaviors but they can never relate to the emotional connections that cause guilt because they can never experience empathy, the emotional connections to others.

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