What a game of Twister you guys have to play to justify Trump’s actions.

What a game of Twister you guys have to play to justify Trump’s actions. You compare different situations, one when trip was not President, one when he was.

Trump was the President elect, getting the same intelligence reports and information Obama was getting, it was Comey who established that private meetings with Trump was okay, how was Trump to know better than a lifetime bureaucrat?

. Also, what you left out, was that when Trump did not get the action he wanted from Comey, he fired him. That my be “legal” as an action, or it may be obstruction of justice, we will all wait and see.

Only that was not the reason. The only request Trump ever made of Comey was to show Glynn some compassion because he was a “good guy” if Trump really wanted Comey to stop the investigation over anything else do you really believe Trump would have stopped at a single comment?

I don’t think so.

And I would have fired ?Comey over the constant stream of leaks coming out of the FBI and it now seems Comey was the ringleader of all those leaks.

Whatever it was, that action, this hearing an other Republican maneuverings, have all delayed our finding out what Russia did, and how much Trump’s campaign was aware of what was happening? Why is Trump protecting Flynn? Why did he hire him in the first place? Or Manafort? or let Kushner go to a sanctioned banker?

It is the radical left who is running off chasing rabbits and attempting to go after Trump for every little tidbit. Comey had no direct involvement in any investigations, the FBI has teams of professional career investigators who handle those things, I seriously doubt Comey had ever even met any of the investigators who were handling the cases. Firing Comey would have no effect at all on any investigation.

Trump was trying to help Flynn because he saw him as a good guy, are you telling me you never once heard of a politician or other prominent figure putting in a “good word” for someone in trouble? He hired him because of his impressive resume and of course because he was an early supporter and advisor, all of this is normal, nothing criminal especially.

Trump’s lawyer denied that Trump ever asked for loyalty. Would Trump say that under oath? Could he remeber what he did say? Would you beleive him?

What difference does it make? Even if Trump did ask for loyalty that is not a crime. You radicals are chasing rabbits all over the place with no hope of actually catching one. None of this can force Trump out of office, I know you wish it could but at some point you have to face reality.

If you look at what Trump did during his trip to other countries, it seems as if Putin could not be more pleased. The country, and now the entire world, is much less safe with Trump in charge. He alienated our allies, and pledged to sell weapons to the country that financed the people who attacked us, and ISIS. His lack of knowledge, his lack of diplomatic skills, his unwillingness to take advice, and his inability to study anything in detail makes everything very dangerous.

All of that is hysteresis and lies. So what if Trump scolded Europe for not paying their fair share of their defense, it was true. Why should America be responsible for defending the entire world and paying for it? It is about time for Europe to start covering their cost of defense. They can have things like free medical care for their citizens because America is paying for their defense, maybe if we stopped paying for Europe’s defense we could start offering more help to our own citizens?

Remember, it was Obama who was handed a peaceful middle east and blew it up in just a couple years, and he said ISIS was nothing to be concerned about, described them as the “JV team” so let’s drop the attacks of his knowledge. You guys all said how Obama was the smartest leader the world has ever seen and he made a lot of mistakes, mistakes that caused the massive refugee crisis we now see in the region.

Speaker Ryan saying “forgive him, he’s new at this,” releases all the Republicans from their Constitutional duties.

It does make sense, we elected a businessman, not a career politician, it stands to reason he will make a few missteps, but on that subject, where do you think Trump got the idea it was okay to have those kinds of conversations with the FBI director?

From Comey himself, during his testimony Comey admitted that in their first official meeting he at the end ran everyone else out of the room so he and Trump could have a private conversation concerning that now debunked dossier about Trump. So Trump took the lead of one of the most experienced bureaucrats in Washington who set the tone for how they are allowed to interact privately. It seems Comey saw no issue at all with them meeting privately for sensitive issues but somehow it is only a problem now because he is angry over being fired?

Ridiculous. But you probably think it’s fine. Is a tax cut enough to buy you off? etc…..

Well your hate filled rantings aside, I see most of Trump’s agenda to be needed. You can cry about it all you want but Obamacare had a massive load of flaws that will kill it at some point anyway, better a controlled failure than an emergency, sometimes you have to make painful decisions.

I fully support a simpler tax code, most Americans do. I also support enforcing immigration laws, most people do. But more importantly, Trump’s Judicial picks, especially those for the Supreme Court are reason enough to support Trump and be very glad we did not end up with Hillary Clinton.

In the last several anti-gun cases before the Supreme Court, the rulings were 5–4 and the Liberals were very clear about how they did not believe Americans should have any right to owning a gun in any capacity. So just changing one Conservative Justice to Liberal would cost all Americans the right to possess firearms for any reason.

Hillary Clinton was very clear she wanted an “Australia” type of forced gun buyback program for America. She also wanted to remove the protections from Gun makers so they could be sued, this combination of things would have eliminated all private gun sales in America.

So considering the alternative, Trump is 100% better for anyone who is even remotely Conservative and believes in the right to own firearms as a private citizen.

And this is just one point. Trump could easily win a second term if we see improvement in the economy and Democrats continue their frothing at the mouth behaviors, so Trump could actually end up replacing a couple Liberal Justices, now that would protect Conservatives for generations.