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It is impossible to react to the election of Donald Trump with anything less than moral outrage.

Unless of course you are a mature adult in control of your emotions. But of course it is normal for Liberals to behave this way sure.

his election has not only struck fear in the hearts of the vulnerable but also given rise to hundreds of documented cases of harassment and intimidation.

Except we now know that many of these reports are lies:

Brother Van Jones got it right on election night: we experienced a “whitelash.”

Van Jones has met with many Democrat voters as part of a CNN series who voted for Trump and while they are indeed “White” they are not racists. These are Democrats who voted for Obama two times but saw Hillary as a flawed candidate and Trump the only guy calling for “HOPE”.

How do Democrats who voted for Obama two times suddenly become racists and vote for Trump? It makes no sense. Why would a racist vote for Obama? Did Obama turn these people into racists? What exactly is the mindset to believe that?

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