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Wrong again.

Using far left blogs to try and prove there is no such thing as those who are radical left is childish, of course there are radical left, whatever term someone wants to use is just semantics, being as you can’t even bring yourself to admit there are those on the far left (such as Antifa) proves you are incapable of honest discussion so I did not bother reading anything else.

I have answered every question you have asked while you have dodged o-r played stupid for every point o-r question I have made, so at this point I am done with you.

If you decide to actually admit there are those on the far left just like I have admitted there are those on the far right maybe I will entertain other points with you but at this point you have flat refused any attempt to get you to admit even that much so I will no longer waste my time on you.

Any reply yo-u make that does not start out with you admitting there really is such a thing as those on the left who are more radical will receive this comment replied back at you as response.

You need to grow up.

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