Not true. Many states have open primaries.
Oliver Money

Not true. Many states have open primaries.

Very few and you are again dodging the point being made, why can’t you just admit to certain facts without trying to change the subject?

Political parties are private organizations. They can nominate whoever and however they want.

Exactly, private groups run the election process and decide who we can vote for, not the people. Thanks for admitting to my point.

Again, not true. Read the federal papers of Hamilton and Madison.

Bull, that is exactly what the Federalist no 10 is discussing, how conflicting groups of people join up to bully a minority.

And again, look at the electoral college, specifically setting up a system where a mob rule was countered to allow “all” States to influence the Presidential election, that is hard fact but still you resist the truth and that must only be motivated by your blind loyalty to your party and not America.

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