The F Word

Misogyny is the guy who keeps trying to grope you in a lap dance even when you’ve told him no: he believes that because you a stripper, because you are naked, because he is paying you, he is entitled to violate your boundaries because you are inherently lesser than him.

Wait a second there, I was only skimming the story to see if you were going anywhere new with this and while you were not I noticed this little tidbit so I decided to call this out.

The “stripper” either male or female is performing a sexual act for money, they are by definition a hooker. There does not have to be copulation for a paid sexual transaction. Many men ev en ejaculate during a lap dance so let’s not be dishonest about what we are discussing.

The man is not trying to “touch” because he he things the woman is lesser than him, he is trying to “touch” because he is most likely drunk, has paid good money for a sexual act, and is severely aroused and thinking with the little head, there is no conscious deliberations going on at that point, it is all hormones and instinct and drugs.

So the guy may indeed be a scumbag, but he is not a Misogynist just because his hands went a walkin……

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