“This isn’t about race,” he insisted, adding that he was sure of this because his investigation…
Brylar Foustark

Was it a crime? If a much larger and stronger man is attacking you, and you use a tool to get the attacker to stop, did you commit a crime? Most people would call that self-defense, forget race for a second, just concentrate on the fact that the larger and younger and stronger man got out of his car and went after the older and weaker man, at that moment in time do you think the first thing on the weaker man’s mind was the attacker was Black or that the attacker was going to hurt him?

Be honest. Would you just let a bigger and stronger man beat you to death just because he was Black or White or whatever race you happen to be? Does the racial makeup of an attacker mean we should let them hurt us sometimes?

If you have a gun to defend yourself, should you not defend yourself only when the attacker is Black?

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