How typical.
Derek Starr

How typical. A woman gets raped, and the judge then turns around and punishes her for being raped because of being a woman.

Was she raped? Everything I have seen proves she most likely was not raped. Her behavior after the supposed rapes does not match her claims in my opinion.

So tell me this, so she used the man to get her name out there to the public and establish herself, and once she is well known, suddenly wants out of her contract? He spend millions of dollars promoting her, something she never would have had without him, but now that she does not need his help anymore suddenly he is a rapist and she wants out of her contract because other labels are offering her way more money?

I do not buy it, she seems motivated only by money. The sad part is her machinations have taken her out of pop circles her career has been drastically hurt so her greed has cost her more than she can make up at this point.

Imagine a world where all contracts are tossed out if someone claims they were sexually harassed? What would that do to contract law? The very foundation of contract law would be forever destroyed if she is allowed out of her contract based on unfounded claims.

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