Yet, only Republicans are at the forefront of every anti-whatever bill and law right now…from North…
Mercedes Streeter

We are on political based hate, only Liberals see the other side as evil and worthy of pure rage directed at them. This is why “RACIST” is screamed every time someone attempts to debate with them on just about any topic.

What ANTI- whatever would you be talking about? The only thing I see Republicans doing is defending people. For example, your rights end where the next rights begin. You do not have the right to crush someone else to make you happy.

Let’s take the so called “bathroom” cases for example, we all know trans people have been using the bathrooms of their choice without real problems for as long as there have been public bathrooms. The “true” target is public school shower areas. Liberals want biological boys who say they feel like girls to have unrestricted access to girls shower areas as a form of social engineering. There is not 1 requirement in any State to show the boys have even started hormone treatments before declaring themselves a girl. Why force girls to shower and dress around biological boys? The girls have a right to privacy and the Government forcing all girls to be exposed to a biological boy or forcing them to dress/shower in front of a boy is as close to psychological rape as you can get.

You know the true betrayal from these Liberals? A moderately decent boy would be a leading girl in girls sports. Right now Liberals want biological boys to be allowed to compete against the girls in organized sports. The boys still have a massive advantage with their testosterone, something the girls would get disqualified for having in their blood but no restrictions on the boys. at some point biological boys will be dominating all girls sports because there is no way the girls can compete.