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We just had another Jihadist attack involving a vehicle used as a weapon as well as a knife used to attack “Infidels”. The Jihadist was on social media praising a radical Muslim Cleric who supports terrorist attacks.

This Muslim immigrant was open and public about his support of Jihadist beliefs so there is no way the general Muslim community around him did not know, so why did they not take steps to protect innocent Americans from this radical Islam supporter?

Infidels (everyone who is not a Muslim) can’t change this culture in the Muslim faith, only fellow Muslims can directly apply pressure in their own circles to end these kinds of behaviors. We need Muslims in every neighborhood and every Mosque proclaiming these terrorist behaviors and terrorist support as wrong. Not only that but they need to shun anyone who shows any support for these radicals calling for violence.

Until we have 100% support from the general Muslim community, none of this will ever stop. And no, just releasing a comment “after” a Jihadist attack is not good enough, they are either working every day to end the violence before it happens or they are part of the problem.

Now, as far as the temporary ban from those with ties to terrorist friendly nations entering America until we can figure out where we have messed up in our vetting process, that is just a logical and reasonable need america has to protect citizens. America has no obligation to preserve the feelings of prospective immigrants or visitors to America, they are not citizens and have no rights under the Constitution until they actually reach America, as long as they are on foreign soil it is up to them to prove to America that they mean no harm to America and it’s citizens.

Immigrants who are already here and who have come from places supportive of terrorist beliefs should be put on a watch list for their entire lives, they are forever a security risk as long as Muslims are pushing Jihadist operations in the World. It is simply prudent to do so.

Consider that recently we have seen many failures in out Government’s ability to screen violent Muslims. Boston, San Bernardino, Orlando, Ohio State University, all of these Jihadists were previously investigated and cleared by our Federal Government and declared “SAFE” just prior to their Jihadist attacks.

Something is clearly wrong.

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