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We will know for sure come midterms. When Obama won he had a super majority in Congress, two years later after shoving an unwanted Obamacare down our throats there was a massive, record setting number of loss seats to the majority party in the midterms and again in the Presidential election cycle.

The radical left attempted to claim it was not their policies the voters were rejecting because Obama won but even Obama himself told other Democrats that his popularity was not transferable.

As it turns out, Obama is a likable man with great empathy that people see as genuine so his popularity was as a man, not as a Democrat or a President. This was made crystal clear when while campaigning hard for Hillary Clinton, Obama told Blacks that he would take it as a personal insult if Blacks do not turn out for Hillary Clinton. Well blacks did not turn out for her.

Democrats have lost over 1,000 elections in the past 8 years. They lost ground all over America. Same voters who put them into office, but now they no longer have those voters support. Many voters who supported Obama twice either did not vote or switched to Trump.

So if voters are indeed as upset at Trump as they claim, Democrats should see a massive and record setting increase in seats the same way Republicans saw when voters were upset with Obama and Democrats for passing Obamacare. As it looks right now, Republicans should lose one seat in the Senate but gain three others, so a net gain of two on the midterms according to current numbers.

If that holds true, or Republicans do even better in midterms, that will spell the defeat of Democrats as a National party for a very long time.

The thing that baffles me is Democrats have not changed a single thing. Same old Corporate Democrats running the party, Pelosi? Really? That Woman has been at the top of all the massive losses to the party and still they keep her as a leader of the party? And Schumer? I did not think anyone could be more out of touch with America than Reid but along came Schumer to prove me wrong. Then the cherry on the top is Tom Perez. A man who did not even want to run for the DNC but the Corporate (Washington as usual) Democrats forced him to run and made sure he became the head of the DNC. This man is the very definition of the modern Corporate Democrat.

There is a saying about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result being the definition of insanity, it also seems to be the definition of a Democrat.

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