But we wouldn’t have to play with the odds is there were fewer guns.

We would have fewer deaths with no cars too, and fewer deaths with less hotdogs, less pools, etc.

You have to look past the irrelevant gun ownership, if that was significant we would see 100 times the number of shootings. The real issue is why? Why do people die in car accidents, why do they drown in pools, why do they choke on hotdogs and why do they die from shootings?

Take out the suicides from guns and we see shooting deaths are not that big, it is dishonest to wrap suicides into gun violence numbers.

Then look at where the violence is. In almost all of America gun violence numbers are plummeting. But in a few specific areas it is not or is even going up instead. If guns were the problem we would see gun violence everywhere but we don;t, so there is a root cause that has nothing to do with the guns, it is the people who use the guns that are the problem.

We can’t just take away all the guns, I know that is what the far left want but even if the Government tired, we would see another civil war over it and anyone with a brain knows this. So we need to stick to things we can do, like figure out how to improve things where the most gun violence is located, like Chicago for example. What are the societal conditions that make gun violence ten times worse there than most other large cities?

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