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Well according to Comey, Trump never did anything wrong.

Trump asked for leniency for a friend, he never demanded it, and even Comey had to admit if Trump really did want to order it he had ever right to do so under the law. So if he had the power, and really wanted to end the investigation, why did he stop at just “hope” that Comey could let him go?

Comey admitted that Trump was never under investigation till the day he left office.

Comey himself may have broken the law when he leaked Federal documents to the media. Under FBI rules and the Federal records act, any product created from official meetings is the property of the Federal Government. On top of that, being as the entire conversation was in the context of corruption investigations even though the specific words on the paper were not classified, the document itself could be considered classified due to the context.

So at this point Comey destroyed all the claims of the radical left up to this point, and his only claim left is possible obstruction, but Comey knows that under Federal obstruction laws there must be an element of direct corruption to go with the request. All Comey has is a statement of “Hope” that Comey could give this good man a break.

Sorry, no obstruction, even several “experts” on Liberal news outlets are saying the same thing.