I see you’ve caught the “facts allergies” virus that’s spreading through the Radical Right.
David Montgomery

Well again, David, all you talk is about how you “feel” about things, it is all subjective to how you feel a need to attach an emotional reaction to everything but because you are wearing hate colored lenses that is all you allow yourself to see.

Now as far as me commenting on the Freddie Gray issue, it was in response to the writer of the story evoking it, it must be shocking to you that some people actually respond on topics and use facts to do so?

Everything does not have to be about how much you on the radical left hate Trump, this emotional obsession you have is eating you guys alive and because you can’t see past those emotions you are blinded to the harm it is causing you and more importantly, causing harm to the issues you claim to care about.

My agreement to Trump’s speech was under the idea of not playing political correctness before the safety of American Citizens. People like you demand we treat illegals as if they are victims and innocent American lives as acceptable losses, I refuse. Now does that mean I like everything Trump does? Of course not, but you in this hate filled crazed state you stay in can’t seem to process nuance or any gray area, for you if people do not hate Trump then they are themselves evil.

Look, as often as you disparage me and my character, openly insulting me and insinuating I am evil, I do not return the hate back at you, I may laugh at how silly your personal attacks get and how you always dodge facts and logic in favor of these kinds of emotional outbursts but at the end of the day I still respect you as an American and I value your right to your opinions even if I do not agree with them.

But the sad truth is you on the radical left will never show me that same respect. Your best Democratic leader called fellow Americans “Deplorable” and lacking any redeeming quality in America. Fellow Americans who do not want to vote for her are considered “evil” in her mind, and she reflects the mindsets of all of you on the left because you behave in exactly the same way. You constantly demonize and name call and belittle anyone who does not toe-the-line of the Democratic party.

And that makes me sad, and as much as I agree that Trump has a lot of flaws, at least he does not consider fellow American are evil just because they do not share the same political beliefs. Democrats do, and as long as Democrats see all Americans who do not agree with them as evil, I will always consider any other choice as preferable.

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