Too late Louis, you name call and don’t respond to facts you refuse to read what I saw, you only…
Graham Skelly

Gabby Gifford, remember her? oh wait you will tell me the shooter wasn’t a right winger, well he was and the propoganda at fox news claiming he wasn’t doesn’t wash,

Well apart from the fact that was a very long time ago she was not shot by a Republican, so typical of a liar like you to try and distort or offer more lies to prop up other lies.

Right Wing Terrorist shoot up our bible study groups, Democratic state senator Clementa C. Pinckney along with 8 others shot and killed

Again, not politically motivated, in both cases mental illness if the common thread and neither person spent any time at all on Republican politics. Neither person was active on Right wing political boards or involved in elections in any way.

So again, you are a liar and you just keep stacking more lies on top of lies because you lact the integrity to admit to basic facts that make “your side” look bad.

But this is also not what you promised, let me quote you:

And for every right wing person shot I can list tens of left wing people shot ~ Graham Skelly

So where are your “tens”? Not only did you have to reach back many years to find the two examples you offered, both had nothing to do with Republican politics. You are a liar, I proved my point and being as you are exactly like every other far left radical out there I know even now that I have gone over the top to prove you wrong, you will never be man enough to admit it.

I find it interesting even the Portland killer was a long time Democrat, worked as a volunteer on several political campaigns and was a Bernie Sanders follower.

The shooter who specifically targeted Republicans was also a Bernie Sanders volunteer and donor. The examples we see are all deeply connected to the Democratic party. The rioters in the streets, all Liberals. Those attacking Trump events, all Liberals deeply involved in the political cycle. So why can’t you just admit to this basic fact?

Too corrupt yourself?

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