Ty — it’s not worth the trouble to engage here.
David Montgomery

Well as usual all you can do it lie David.

I do not defend Trump against all criticism, but I do call out those that are either unfair, or lies. I am here as a Conservative on your propaganda sire to call out these distortions and manipulated stories that are designed for one thing, to get you on the radical left all emotional because emotion is the only tool they have to control you.

While you are all emotionally brittle over something that really has no true impact on anything, you all turn a blind eye to the fact your masters at the DNC do not care about you or anything else. Look at Chicago, forever controlled by Democrats. Every aspect of lifer in Chicago is micromanaged by Democrats and it has been that way for generations.

More than 80% of murders go unsolved, this means there are thousands of murderers roaming the streets and nobody cares. The same is true for most other violent crime in Chicago but all you can talk about is Trump?

There are truly important issues that could use your attention David but instead you wallow in propaganda from a far left echo chamber? Repeating how much you hate Trump is more important than all other things in your life?

I have told you many times now, give me hard evidence Trump did something wrong and I am right there to condemn the man, but all this emotion based garbage means nothing, this is all you have ever had against the man. And Preibus? That guy was a olive branch to the Establishment, it was meant to help calm them down after they were so angry with Trump for crushing all their hopefuls in the primaries. But as we saw, Preibus was more interested in his loyalties to the Establishment then Trump and you can’t have a chief of staff who is not loyal to the President.

I think Trump was stupid to appoint the guy in the first place, why try to bow down to the Establishment who did nothing but insult and attack him? We need to remember these are the same kinds of people who promised for 7 years to get rid of Obamacare but once they actually had a President who would sign their Bill, they ran away from it. They have no integrity, they have no backbone, and they are all liars and as far as I am concerned I would prefer actual Democrats in those seats instead of these fake Republicans like McCain.

You have a nice day now, and keep me living in your head, I love living here rent free, lol.

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