How can you even feed yourself the delusion that allocating $50+ billion towards defense spending…
Chris Edwards

How can you even feed yourself the delusion that allocating $50+ billion towards defense spending will somehow increase operational efficiency?

Well can you find a quote of me saying that? Being as I never made that assertion you are starting out with a lie, why do all of you on the far left have to try and insert lies?

I was addressing the comments in the story, you know, trying to stay in context of the conversation? I never once addressed anything about Defense spending, if you would like to ask me a question concerning my view of increased defense spending then do so, but do not put words in my mouth and then attack me for something I never said, that is the act of a child.

They’re talking about eliminating programs & entire departments through ‘budget cuts’. Any first-year economics student can explain how lack of funding forces government agencies to cease operations in their tracks.

And the first year economics student and you are wrong. Yes, “SOME” programs and departments may be eliminated, but again, if you paid attention to any reports on Government over the last 30+ years you would understand that we have many layers of repeated responsibility for the same area in Washington. This is called “overlap” and one of the things Trump and many Conservatives have complained about for years now is where is the logic in having more than 1 Department that does the exact same thing? More than 1 program covers the same things?

Can you say that is logical? Not if you want to be reasonable, so it simply makes sense to eliminate all the redundant and repeated jobs and thin down the bureaucracy. I 100% support this action, but that does not mean that the end result of services and responsibilities will be effected, if you have 20 different people all looking at the same issue, and you remove 15 of them, well that still leaves you with 5 watching/dealing with the same issue.

This is how Trump stays winning, because supporters don’t fully understand the agenda behind his policies. They believe the false optimism & outright lies that uses as propaganda.

No, you on the far left are trying to misrepresent his actions and motivations, and we are ignoring your lies as more noise. Your only weapon is attempting to demonize the other side, it worked well for you for a long time, but it is like the little boy who cried wolf, after so many false claims normal Americans stopped listening to you.

So now you are stomping your foot and holding your breath and misbehaving, and normal Americans are ignoring that too.

It is time to grow up Chris.

Trump is doing exactly what most Americans want done. Trump is the symptom of a broken Washington, outward appearances of professionalism did not stop Washington from screwing Americans over, now we are willing to accept the brash and loud mouthed outsider because nobody else show up to try and fix the things Americans care about. Believe me, if there was any other choice that is who we would have picked, but there was not. All we had a choice between was Washington as usual or Trump, so Trump won by default.

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