You asked: “ Have you ever watched any news or read any news stories about what is going on in…
Graham Skelly

Well first of all. the study in question is by the same woman who claimed all the staff at her university were racists and called her the N word. She has zero credibility and has made a career of playing the race card.

The rest of it was you being disingenuous, I did not claim the left was always successful at silence those they do not agree with, just that this has always been their intent block speech they do not agree with.

Yes, Trump still got his message out, but the left tried to silence him and their violent attacks did get two of Trump’s events canceled so yes they were sometimes successful at censorship.

Other events had Liberals attacking police at Trump events or attacking those who attended Trump events and were on their way back to their vehicles.

So the point I have made is true, and it is only the work of a few on the Right who have been able to fight off the Left’s attempts to censor them.

you then said “This study was a sham..” Have you read the study?

Yes I did, why I was able to call her out for her use of her own grad students as subjects who entered the study with the preconceived idea they were to find biases. When I called her out on that fact she went into troll mode started following me around the forum crying about how unfair I was to her, and of course refusing to address the valid points I made against her study, lol.

Then of course, she decided to call me and Dallas both racists for daring to question her study, remember how I pointed to name calling by the left? She is a prime example of the standard.

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