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Well first of all, nobody has any issue at all with immigrants, we need and desire immigrants in America. The only issue I see is with illegal aliens. We do not need to desire illegal aliens and they hurt our Nation.

Take these jobs we are discussing the illegals are going to stop doing for a day or so, why do owners and managers hire illegals? Because they can pay them less. Why not make those jobs pay a “living wage” and hire Americans instead?

Illegal aliens suppress wages in certain industries. If we did away with the illegal aliens, the wages would go up and even better, those workers start paying taxes and that helps the Government pay for things we need like improved infrastructure.

In my opinion we should be going after the employers, not the workers. Make the hiring of an illegal so harsh nobody would consider it. Huge fines, mandatory prison time for repeat offenders. Confiscation of property connected with the illegal workers. If we did these simple steps we would eliminate 95% of the illegal alien problem inside 2 years.

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