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Well first of all, the President has every right to share anything he wants with whoever he wants, the law is very clear about that. The only exception would be if someone could show some kind of bribe connected with that sharing.

Second, people who cross the Clintons do have this uncanny ability to end up dead under suspicious circumstances. In this case they claim to link it to recent robberies but the attacker did not rob him, just shot him and left.

There seems to be some other motive for the killing, and if he really was the source of the DNC emails and not a Russian “hack” as the radical left has been attempting to claim, eliminating him would be a necessary step to protect the DNC.

Yes, at this point it is all speculation, but so is all the crazy stuff the radical left is claiming about Trump too, so if it is okay to speculate criminal acts concerning Trump without any evidence whatsoever, then why not hold the same standard with other speculation?

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