An Open Letter to Trump About DACA, from a Dreamer
Juan Escalante

Well first of all, there is no such thing as an “undocumented immigrant” that is a political term, immigrants are part of the legal system, everyone else is an illegal alien.

Second, you have stolen a life you are not entitled to, it is no different from robbing a bank and using the money to make a better life for your family, once you get busted they do not let your family keep the new home, new cars, better life that was purchased with the stolen money do they?

Of course not, so why should you get to keep the new life your parents stole for you?

Why not take the new education and capabilities you now have and return home to help build a better and stronger Nation for your countrymen? You do realize millions of Americans died to build the Nation you are now leeching off of right? Americans did the work to build what we have, you have not. You can have exactly the same live in your home Nation if you are willing to do the same work to “EARN” it as Americans have done.