Louis is so many subjects you are so well informed and articulate but when it comes to Canadian…
Chris Mncpageant Lansdale

Well first of all you start out claiming I am not informed then you start admitting most of my points are true, did you bother to actually read what you wrote?

I get my information from actual Canadians, a few who are actual friends of mine I have known for over 20 years now. One of those was working and fell off a forklift tearing up his knee. It took almost 2 years for him to go through the system of waiting lines, first to see a specialist, then various things like waiting for testing and MRI imaging, then scheduling surgery, and recovery then rehabilitation. I have a family member who also had to have reconstructive surgery from a motorcycle accident and he had his MRI and Surgery done inside a month.

So who is doing better?

America’s poor and disadvantaged in America get free medical. all of them do, you talk about a postal worker who did not have insurance? Why? They were earning a better than average income and made the “choice” to not have insurance then complains about it when they need care? They can afford it, they should have purchased it, that is not someone who is disadvantaged. I have two family members working for the post office as carriers and they live very good lives and have better insurance than I do.

You seem to be the one who is uninformed and even a little dishonest. You admit that different provinces have different results, you admit private medical is indeed forming a two-tiered system, you admit things like advanced imaging do have massive waiting times, and on top of that you dodge points like them ending the “taming of the queue” meetings due to never being able to make any improvements to waiting times.

The fact that Canadians have always had issues finding a doctor is known by all Canadians, here is a study from 2008 pointing out that 1 in 5 Canadians have issues finding doctors.

And when looking for a doctor, will the Canadian Doctors discriminate against poor people? Seems so:

Results: The proportion of calls resulting in an appointment being offered was significantly higher when the callers presented themselves as having high socioeconomic status than when they presented as having low socioeconomic status (22.6% v.14.3%, p = 0.04)

But really the biggest point you seem to avoid is the cost that broke Canada and many other Nations that operate these kinds of systems.

Lastly let’s remember that the “RESULTS” in America include tens of millions of illegals and other legal immigrants who are the results of the poor medical care in their home nations, not America but their diseases and deaths go on America’s totals and that artificially hurts America’s numbers. Take out those illegals and we lerap up to the top of the list on results.

And consider some of the points even made on the radical left site the Huffington post:

No, America is not perfect, but when there are two imperfect systems, I pick the one where you can get fast care verses waiting months and even years to get needed care.

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