“Why is it that most of these claims of out of control police forces come from Cities that are…
Ty Unglebower

As usual, no evidence provided for this assertion.

Well I did say “most” and if you have some numbers you can show me to counter this idea I am certainly open to debate it, all I know is that the vast majority of the Cities I have heard of with the rioting and the large media reports and the consent decrees from the DOJ etc are all under the exclusive control of Democrats so this is the basis of my comment.

it’s probably because liberals tend to want to stop police brutality, whereas Conservatives cities tend to applaud it and encourage it.

Well again, the Democrats created every aspect of those police forces. Every rule, every policy, every leader, every aspect of those police forces was designed and created by Democrats, and in most of these cases the so called “abuse” was going on for many, many years before any DOJ involvement so the only reason any of them are now trying to “stop” anything is because they were forced to, not because they wanted to.

Yell me this, why wait for a DOJ investigation before you clean up your police? Clearly you already know what the DOJ has to come investigate to learn, you already know how bad your police are, but they only act to try and change things until after they get into trouble?

You don;t understand these points?

Oh, and pretty childish attempt to paint all Conservatives as evil, only Democrats have been doing this sort of thing consistently, nice try at deflection, but you failed, lol.

And in the case of some police officers, literally applaud it, as seen in this article which I’m sure you didn’t read.

I read it, of course the writer had an agenda and manipulated the story to evoke an emotional response from you guys who need this sort of echo chamber propaganda, but if you actually looked at the entire event it was a celebration of law enforcement who put their lives on the line every day trying to deal with groups like MS-13. How many days have you spent on the streets putting yourself between murderers and society to protect them?

Yes, some officers are bad, but not “all” as you on the left claim. They do a job people like you would never have the courage and selflessness to do. You guys embrace and shield the killers while you attack those who try to protect innocent people. So sad.

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