“ That is it? That is the best you can come up with?”
Michael James

Well I see just how emotional this is getting you, a wall o-f words to all dodge a basic fact I proved you wrong. Calm down. If you have to vomit up so many words you have to admit you are in the wrong. As the saying goes, if the soup is weak you need a lot of it, lol.

So you danced all around the fact that “YOU” are applying a “very great value” to whatever it was the Russian person had to offer, but there is no way to make that claim without seeing what was actually offered. This is a fact, a fact you are dodging.

Yes ”some” opposition research can be valuable, but not all of it, some of it is worthless and based on the fact all sides agree that JR left the meeting early and left empty handed it seems pretty clear that whatever was offered was not valuable after all, so again, based on the law you quoted, there is no violation of law.

But being as we are on the topic of opposition research, a long time Democratic opposition-research group, Fusion GPS, paid a foreign National to develop what is now called the Trump dossier (A never Trump group started it but drop it then Fusion reached out to their Democratic connections and obtained new funding from a top Hillary donor).

Now it appears pretty clear the British foreign National also worked with Russian agents to develop this dossier, all to benefit Hillary Clinton.

Fusion GPS has also been tied to pushing allegations of Trump campaign collusion with Russia.

Now try to keep up with this next part, the lawyer JR met with, Natalia Veselnitskaya, is listed officially as a lawyer for Prevezon Holdings Limited and the Katsyv family. Prevezon was a key player in the fight against the Magnitsky Act here at home, Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS was hired by Prevezon to lobby against the Magnitsky Act.

So they all know each other, so the Democratic hit team that generated the Trump dossier is connected to the lawyer who kept demanding to meet in person with Trump JR? You do not see anything fishy about that? It seem to me that the entire thing is a setup, they refused to accept a phone call because it would not “look bad” and when she arrives she is empty handed? Why would she work so hard to arrange a meeting then show up with nothing to offer?

Again, I do believe JR was foolish to have the meeting, but lacking the political knowledge of how these things look is not a crime, just talking is not a crime, being set up to make him look bad is not a crime either. You have nothing, and the fact you are working so hard to try and make nothing into something proves you are operating on pure emotions.

At this point you have proven incapable of admitting to some basic truths so I am done with you, if you attempt to reply I will ignore what you write and repeat that there is no evidence and no facts to prove any crime at this time. I wish you well, and I hope you have a great evening.

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